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Well.... It’s a wrap! We can’t believe DTW Live Conference & Expo 2017 has come and gone already but what an incredible few days it’s been. So much to reflect on. We must start with saying how this, being our biggest year yet was due to not only a record breaking number of attendees but the energy they brought with them. From Day #1, everyone was ready to share and learn and get everything they could out of the event and that was our hope and wish for everyone who attended. The attendees to faculty to our wonderful staff was buzzing with enthusiasm, positivity and readiness! It's really been so exciting for us to come in and share with everyone.... and it keeps getting better year after year! You all are our inspiration......

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Let’s be honest.  Keeping our students and their parents happy is essential to creating and maintaining a flourishing dance studio business. In order to thrive in an industry where your competition is virtually a few doors down, it’s difficult to balance diplomacy, client contentment and authoritative practice.  Bottom line- if you have no happy clients, you have no successful business…. and vice versa. There is a very fine line however when it comes to over indulging parents and asserting your knowledge and what is your right for your business and student progress.

The first thing to be mindful of is you are never, I repeat never, going to make everyone happy at a single given time. The sooner you accept that the more realistic you are going to be. While every effort should be made to accommodate students and their families on things like yearly schedules, rehearsal times, competition dates, performances, meetings etc., at the end of the day someone is always going to have to “make it work;” and that’s OK. As long as you are doing your best for the sake of the majority and the students, that is what should take priority. Everyone at some point will have to make concessions (even you,) so if the commitment is there, a solution is always within reach through communication and compromise....

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It's that time gain folks! And we are stoked to be back on the west coast in Las Vegas! We are thrilled to be getting closer to our annual Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo, this year back at the fabulous Red Rock Resort & Casino! Join us July 24th-27th, 2017 for what is sure to be the most knowledge, dance and info packed conference of the season!!

We are so excited to back at the beautiful Red Rock Resort and can’t wait to bring you what is sure to be our best year yet! From a vast array of movement classes, business classes and endless events, there is something for every teacher and studio owner from around the world! With our talented, multi-faceted and eclectic faculty, there is no end to the professional development and inspiration you will acquire and bring back to your own students and studios! Led by our very own Angela D’Valda Sirico and Steve Sirico, we are certain this year’s conference and expo will be the one to beat! We chatted with co-director Steve Sirico about this year’s goodies!..........

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