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As dance teachers, when one of our students becomes injured we instinctually and immediately take great care to ensure they follow the necessary steps to recover quickly and do as the doctor ordered.  We follow up with them throughout the healing process and can recognize when they are pushing themselves too hard. We also know the adjustments we need to make for them in class so that they come back stronger than before their injury; ensuring they stay healthy at all costs. As any great parent also does when their child falls ill, we switch into that mode of being the protector and teaching them to take care of their bodies, their well-being and their overall general health. We also take into consideration their frustration of having to sit out and take notes and not being able to move with the others until the doctor signs off, so they don’t relapse. But…we insist and follow through on doctor’s orders until then despite their begging and pleading they are fine way before the appropriate amount of time has gone by.....

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“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” -Anatole France

As a studio director, the most difficult part of the job is how to take all the components, all the balls juggling in the air, all the “white noise” in the background, opinions, requests and desires of our clients and with a snap of your fingers make it all happen; as seamlessly and quickly as humanly possible. Oh....and did I mention on a daily basis? As with any business owner, our clients are what keep us afloat; simple as that. As much as we do what we do for the passion of our art and love for our students, there is a clear, basic presence of the supply and demand principle which supersedes all of that. It has to; otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.....

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Expectation. It’s a word in which we often tip toe around. Especially in regards to our younger generation. Are they expected to handle too much? Do too much? Manage too much? Cope with too much? Be responsible & accountable for too much? Demonstrate too much? Etc. Etc. Well, the honest answer is sometimes yes, sometimes, no.

There is a difference however, when we are referring to the term, “expectation” in the context of unsubstantiated and unfair stresses which are not age appropriate vs. the expectation of one’s ability, responsibility loads, work ethic and rising to challenges to be the best they can be......

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