Studio directors, that time of year is quickly approaching and recital season is in the air. Here is my handy checklist and timeline to help you stay organized in the weeks ahead. Stay ahead of the game and on target and you're sure to have a stress-free recital season! Merde to all!

Costume Finalization: Are all costumes (& accessories) ordered, delivered, fitted and tagged for students to take home?

Gathering info from your teachers: i.e. titles of pieces, final edited music, lighting cues, entrances and exits of pieces, names of students in pieces, etc.)

Breakdown of shows: i.e. one show, two shows on one day, one show over two days, etc? Running time, schedule for show day, etc.

Stage Crew: Who is your lighting designer, sound technician, house manager, stage manager, backstage wranglers, concessions staff, etc.?

Confirm Videographer and Photographer: Will you video  and have photos during all shows? Have studio picture day prior to shows? When? Where? Cost?  

Concessions: Who will be selling drinks and snacks at intermission?  What products will you sell? Who is your vendor?   

Rehearsal Schedule (Dress, Tech & In-Studio Rehearsals): When? Which groups? Who will run rehearsal? What does the rehearsal schedule look like?

Awards and Scholarship Candidates Parent info: i.e. means of communication, blast email, letters to go home with kids, etc?

Printed Materials: i.e. show programs, etc. What is the turnover time?

Tickets Sales: lottery, ticket limit, first come first serve, etc?  

A lot to do, but if you stay organized and ahead of the game, recital season will go off without a hitch! Have a wonderful performance season!

Good luck!  

See you in the studio…



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