Steve Sirico co-founder of Dance Teacher interviews Dolly Kelepecz who is the director of the Dance Teacher University Teacher Certification Program. She has been a professional dancer for over thirty years. She danced with Los Angeles Ballet, Houston Ballet, Nevada Dance Theatre and the Zurich Opera Ballet before joining the famed Lido Show at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas where she was the principle dancer/ singer. She is currently a member of the international Contemporary Ballet Company, Ballet Mink. Ms. Kelepecz has traveled with Ballet Mink since 1997 as a soloist as well as the costume designer performing many times in Denmark, Russia, and Scotland and in 2013 Israel. Ms. Kelepecz is an instructor with the UNLV dance department where she teaches ballet and Pilates. The UNLV dance department has included Dolly's Pilates classes as part of the curriculum required for dance majors to graduate