The time is finally here everyone! We are so thrilled to kick off the 2015 Dance Teacher Web LIVE Conference & Expo here at Foxwoods Resort & Casino! This year, we're bringing it to you from the East Coast and the energy is already buzzing with excitement! From attendees to faculty to Expo presenters and staff, everyone is amped up for the next few days which are filled with over 90 classes to choose from! The All-Star Faculty Lineup includes the likes of Alex Wong, Liz Imperio, Simone DePaolo, Judy Ann Bassing, Jessica Smith-Epting, Aaron Turner, Wayne Sleep, our Directors Angela and Steve Sirico and many other greats in the business!

The common factor here is that everyone is thrilled to share knowledge and learn from one anther; teachers and students alike. This is the time to refuel, re-energize, get inspired and fill up our arsenal of ideas for the upcoming season. This is YOUR conference, so be sure to take advantage of the amazing business seminars we have lined up for you too with those including Robert Landau, Jack Rayner and Clint Salter and discover new ideas on music editing, dancing in the digital age, costuming your dancers, building your business and extreme customer service ideas!

And for those attending DTU, you have a versatile and eclectic schedule waiting for you which includes everything from Modern and Anatomy to Early Childhood to Lyrical! We look forward to dancing and learning together over the next few days, so let's kick off the conference with a bang and get ready to move! Be sure to check back on the blog for daily updates & recaps!

Enjoy everyone....and Welcome!!!!

See you this week in the studio!


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