As studio director, the act of giving scholarships to well deserving dancers and their families can create endless opportunity for a child as well as financial relief for struggling parents. In today’s economy with so many families feeling the constraints of these circumstances, how do you choose who receives them? What is your protocol for selecting scholarship worthy candidates during any given year? Here are some things to ask yourself so that you are able to maintain your business but provide the awards to those who will make the most of the given opportunity!

How will you decide who receives a scholarship? Will it be solely based on talent and skill? Or will you also consider awarding scholarships to those based on attendance, progress, good class habits/attitude, desire, etc.?

Will you solely be selecting the candidates or will you include faculty recommendation?

Will candidates and their families have to apply for the scholarship and come to an audition or will you just award those who you and your faculty deem worthy that year?

Can scholarship students be on scholarship for more than one year in a row?

Is there an age range you will consider for the awards?

What in-studio duties are scholarship students responsible for (i.e. weekly cleaning duties, assisting in baby classes, birthday parties, etc.?)

What are the repercussions if a scholarship student is not exhibiting behavior exemplary of a scholarship recipient? What happens if these privileges are abused?

How many scholarships will be given out in any given year?

Where will the scholarship funds come from? Will you hold fundraisers, a gala performance, auction, donations, etc.?

When and where will you present the scholarships? At the end of the year recital? Last day of classes, etc.?

Will scholarships include an unlimited amount of classes for the year?

Will that include recital, costume and competition costs or will that be a separate responsibility for parents?

While we all wish we could help every child, being selective will support a dedication, commitment and work ethic which will be channeled throughout the studio by your yearly recipients. Take your time with what protocol works for you and the selection process and watch the endless opportunities you create for your deserving dancers.

Good luck!

See you in the dance studio!


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