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With the summer season upon us, it's essential to stress the importance of maintaining technique, strength and flexibility during the summer vacation to our dancers. So many times dancers make such beautiful progress throughout the year only to come back the following September having to start from scratch because they didn't remain consistent in their training rituals. Now, while many won't take dance classes over the summer because of family vacations, summer camp, lack of availability of classes, what have you, there are many ways you can remind your dancers how essential it is to keep their bodies active and moving over the coming months. Aside from the physical benefits, keeping active mentally and kinesthetically through their dancing as well will create for a sustained mind-body and spirit connection......

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Teachers, if you have been trying to increase your dancers' range of motion in terms of building demi plie, here are 3 quick, easy exercises you can show them. Sometimes a muscular or skeletal issue, the culprit though also can be the result of tight plantar flexors; inhibiting a limited a range of motion they can execute. Over time, with consistency and repetition, you will see a dramatic improvement and it only takes minutes a day.....

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As studio director, the act of giving scholarships to well deserving dancers and their families can create endless opportunity for a child as well as financial relief for struggling parents. In today's economy with so many families feeling the constraints of these circumstances, how do you choose who receives them? What is your protocol for selecting scholarship worthy candidates during any given year? Here are some things to ask yourself so that you are able to maintain your business but provide the awards to those who will make the most of the given opportunity! How will you decide who receives a scholarship? Will it be solely based on talent and skill? Or will you also consider awarding scholarships to those based on attendance, progress, good class habits/attitude, desire, etc.?

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YES!! Can you believe it's almost that time of year again? We are thrilled to be getting closer to our annual Dance Teacher Web Conference & Expo, this year at the famed Foxwoods Resort & Casino! Join us on the east coast this August 3rd-6th for what is sure to be the most knowledge, dance and info packed conference of the season!! We are so excited for our new venue and can't wait to bring you what is sure to be our best year yet! From a vast array of movement classes, business classes and endless events, there is something for every teacher and studio owner from around the world! With our talented, multi-faceted and eclectic faculty, there is no end to the professional development and inspiration you will acquire and bring back to your own students and studios! Led by our very own Angela D'Valda Sirico and Steve Sirico, we are certain this year's conference and expo will be the one to beat! We chatted with co- director Steve Sirico about this year's goodies!

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Summer time is a great time to catch up on all that reading we were eager to get to but were too exhausted to after late nights in the studio! Below, I have compiled a list of some of my favorites to get you started; whether you are interested in a little beach reading, a general overview of certain topics, interested in starting a faculty book-club or wanting to build a reference library at the studio for your students! Hopefully from this list you will continue to add your own favorites and pass this along to other dance educators to keep the knowledge and discussion flowing within our beloved field! Remember, the more you know, the more your students know and the more information we are able to pass along to them, the more mindful, well-rounded and knowledgeable they are as dancers! Enjoy!......

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