Ask yourself this......."Are you an ultimate leader?"

 Join us Monday, August 3rd, 2015 for a special, Pre-Conference workshop at this year's Dance Teacher Web Live Conference & Expo & gain the tools & skills to achieve this important goal.

Whether you're a Studio Owner or a Dance Teacher, effective leadership skills are the all-important glue that holds your entire operation together. Many are leaders without knowing how to lead. Few know how to make the energy and skill of leading work so that people and situations follow them in a positive and successful way.

This is your chance to join Steve, Angela and Robert as they share their personal and professional experiences in a unique interactive lab type format that focuses on results. We'll ask you to bring your leadership issues to the table so we, as a group, can solve any and all of them so you can move forward and reap the results of being The Ultimate Leader you were always meant to be!

We'll cover how to be The Ultimate Leader in The Four Areas of Studio Leadership:

Ultimate Leadership in How to Handle Difficult Situations

Ultimate Leadership in Motivating and Retaining Students

Ultimate Leadership in How to Manage Staff

Ultimate Leadership in Marketing to Attract New and Lasting Business

Our commitment to you is simple; You will leave this one-of-a-kind Pre Conference experience with the tools you need to become a successful leader in all facets of your professional life. 

The Ultimate Leader lies within you, give yourself the opportunity to wake it up and lead!

RESERVE YOUR SPACE!​ The Pre-Conference is Monday, August 3rd from 8am to 1pm. Tuition is $169 and includes seminar, breakfast and a copy of class notes.

NEWS FLASH! The primary focus of the Pre-Conference is YOU!

This is a Lab which means that you'll be given ample opportunity to bring your issues, concerns, ideas and questions to the table. We'll advise, brain-storm and use our expertise and creativity to elevate what it is to be successful and productive in the dance studio business today. 

SPACE IS LIMITED! Be sure to be an active part of this one-of-a-kind Lab created just for you! Our Pre-conference seminar has sold out every year. Don’t miss out! Click here & register today!