At the end of the year or semester it is typical that we assess our student's progress , we look at how much they have learnt over the past year and  we see if they are ready to move on to the next level. It is also a great time to assess our own progress and really take a good look at ourselves and what we have been able to accomplish with our students. Every year has a different set of challenges and it is always interesting to look back and see what really worked well and what needs some tweaking as far as our teaching skills go.

I can honestly say that every year when I do this self-evaluation It really helps me prepare myself for the upcoming semester because I have time over the summer to improve in the areas where I feel I could do better and bask in the light of success when I feel that I have really accomplished a lot and have achieved some terrific results. It really comes down to analyzing what went well and what didn't go so well. In our business, the proof is generally seen by all on stage but it can also be felt by the kind of response you get from your students. I know that through the years I have had some fantastic students and some that were extremely difficult but it is so rewarding when you can turn those difficult students around and help them to make progress both in dance and as human beings.

I give myself a checklist of questions and I try to answer them as honestly as possible even if I think that perhaps I didn't accomplish what I set out to do because then I can take a good look at where I need to become more creative and find new ways to reach out to my students.
1)    Did I teach my students the syllabus that I had planned for them at the beginning of the year?
2)    Did I keep my students engaged and interested in my classes? 
3)    Did I give them enough new material to keep them motivated but not overwhelmed?
4)    In what areas could I have improved my classes?
5)    Where did I have the most problems?
6)    Could I find a better way to deal with my 'difficult' students?
7)    What practical ideas could I use to help my classes run smoothly, energetically and to give my students a great learning experience?
8)    What were my biggest successes?
9)    What were my biggest failures?
Once you have answered these questions you will find that you have a good idea of what you need to work on and where you can make some positive changes. The wonderful thing about being a dance teacher is that we are constantly learning and evolving. The time that you spend on yourself to fine tune your craft will pay off in big dividends for both you and your students.
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