It may seem like common knowledge and something that is a given; surrounding ourselves only with people who lift us up and want to see us succeed and fly high. But, that is not always the case and we can at times wind up in a situation where the energy which surrounds us needs to be assessed and shaken up a bit. As studio owners, you deal with all different types of personalities and temperaments; people that want things from you, people that only need you for what do for them, people that question your every move and then the people that you trust and want to see your hard work and dedication pay off. There are all kinds that will enter and exit your life over an extended period of time. It’s fluid. The problem starts to come into play when we don’t acknowledge the negativity which sometimes can present itself and let it manifest until we second guess who we are and where we are going.

It’s important to recognize how important this issue is. The people who we choose to surround ourselves with are a direct reflection of where we are in our life and the effects of our decisions. This directly affects our business, artistic and personal decisions and can play a big part on our spirit. As a business owner we put precedence into making the “important decisions” for our studio, the big picture decisions, but often forget who we interact with plays a big part in that as well. Remembering that we need to put ourselves and what is healthy for us first is an often conflicting thing to ascertain, especially when our instinct as artists and educators is to do think about others first. What is important to note is that without making our own well-being the initial priority, we are actually doing a disservice to our clients and our dancers and working counter-intuitively to living from a true place.

The effects of surrounding ourselves with negative people over extended periods of time can affect not only our spirit but can make us second guess who we are, what we are doing and how we see the future. This energy can drain our potential and limit the broad scope of dreams we have for ourselves. It diminishes your passion, your drive and the confidence in your capabilities on a big spectrum. Why would anyone want to surround themselves with this? Whether the decision to continue staying in this space is based on responsibility, financial reasons, personal reasons or just a matter of the status quo, it's time to reassess the situation.

Now is the time to give great thought as to the benefits of “lightening your load” and allowing bright light and positive energy into both your physical and spiritual space. The benefits will be life-changing and soon enough you will see a change in your own demeanor, your energy and productivity levels, your overall mood, how you interact with people on a daily basis, a surge in creativity and ideas, your effect on others, your ability to share your knowledge and help others and an overall mood adjustment which elevates your whole being. Furthermore, positivity breeds more positivity. Think about your students and the direct and indirect impact it will have on them and their families. While they may not be able to pinpoint what exactly has shifted, positive energy radiates and inevitable has a trickle-down effect which will hopefully transfer onto them in regards to their in-studio work habits, their collaboration efforts and how they interact with each other and the way they view themselves and their progress during training.            

So, do you yourself a favor and treat yourself to an early holiday gift of your own. Recognize your worth and right to be surrounded with positive energy and discard of all things negative. Have regular check-in’s with yourself and assess when an overhaul is needed. And remember, it’s OK to think about your health and wellness and what is right for you so you can project positivity onto others. Create the healthy and happy environment you want to live in and pass it onto your students! You will all be happier and more successful for it! Good Luck to all!

See you in the studio,


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