“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” -Anatole France

     As a studio director, the most difficult part of the job is how to take all the components, all the balls juggling in the air, all the “white noise” in the background, opinions, requests and desires of our clients and with a snap of your fingers make it all happen; as seamlessly and quickly as humanly possible. Oh....and did I mention on a daily basis? As with any business owner, our clients are what keep us afloat; simple as that. As much as we do what we do for the passion of our art and love for our students, there is a clear, basic presence of the supply and demand principle which supersedes all of that. It has to; otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.


     With all of the dance studios out there, your “product” is unique. Sometimes I think with the hustle and bustle of the year going by, one often forgets that. It’s easy to lose sight of how special your contribution is. No matter who else is down the road or in the same town, remember, there’s only one you; who is always going to do things slightly different from someone else; maybe similar, but not identical. Your views, your intentions, your plan of action are all going to be prompted by the catalysts which surround you; that being, your clients, your personal experiences, successes, failures and the lessons learned year after year. Having started this dance studio, you entered this world with a clear mission; something that you dreamed you could deliver. In order to be successful in any business, clear direction, preparation, plan of action, and long term goal is 99% of the work. Then think about those smaller objectives which help make those things come to fruition. Once that is established and the philosophy about what you bring to the table, about what you offer these young up and coming dancers is clear, that is what will naturally set you apart and the distinctions between studios will happen organically.


     What is important for you to remember as we head into a new season is to hold true to all your ideas and beliefs to which you started this studio in the first place. If you are a relatively new studio, think about the ways you still have room to grow and where you want to take your venture. If you have a well-established studio in business for quite some time, reflect on how you can you refresh and pump new blood into it, while maintaining its success; breaking free from the status-quo frame of mind.


     While it’s beneficial to take on support and advice from those carefully hand-selected faculty members and staff you chose to surround yourself with, remember this year is a new year and the trust you put in yourself and in them is what is going to send your business to new heights. Having a team that is on the same page as you can only make the business aspect soar and produce the greatest results for your students in the years to come. So, while it is normal to doubt every once in a while, especially in times like today,  think of it less as doubt and more as remaining humble to always wanting to excel and do better. The confidence and self-instinct you hold within you is what is going to make your business and students flourish. Stay true to yourself this year, believe in what you know is best, be open to solid advice and suggestion, but trust in your individuality that makes your studio uniquely yours.


Wishing you all the most prosperous, creative and rewarding season ahead! Let's Dance!  

See you in the dance studio!



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