As we bask in the summer months with a little downtime before summer intensives and the new fall season begins, now is a great time to think about decking the halls once more…..this time with a fresh facelift to welcome change and breathe some new air into the studio. While cost for any sort of repairs or cosmetic renovations is always a concern, there are some quick and easy ways to welcome students and parents back with a little pop of inspiration and some simple sprucing up around the studio!

"Spring" Cleaning: it's really "summer" cleaning but....whether you clean your own studio or have a cleaning service, now is a great time for hardcore cleaning. Get those cobwebs out of the corners of the ceiling, the dust-balls off the floors and the dirt and mud that’s been tracking on your hallway floors! Add a little bleach and Pine-sol to the bathrooms and the locker rooms and open all those windows for some fresh air! Reorganize your faculty room/office to make it inviting and energizing! Remember how good you feel when you do this in your own home, so..........guaranteed, you’ll feel just as good doing this in your second home too!

Tackle the Costume Closet: Everyone has the “monster” of a costume closet to tackle at some point. Whether you are organized throughout the year or not, now is a great time as competition and recital season is done. Organize, hang, label, discard and coordinate costumes in the closet for easy access, future use and donation or garbage disposal. While you may have to tackle this again every few months, it will save you tons of time to do it in small doses and walk into a room that doesn’t make you want to pass out at the site of it!

The 5 minute Facelift: OK, while it may take a little longer than 5 minutes, staying cost efficient and creating a quick revamp is as easy breezy as the weather! Throw a quick coat of paint on the ceilings or in the studios and hallways, change your lighting and/or bulbs, add some new toiletries in the bathrooms, add some fresh flowers to the waiting area and front desk, put down a new throw-rug in the entry ways, change the curtains, hang some new pictures/prints and/or motivational sayings on the walls, open the windows and you have a brand new studio ready for spring time!

Show your Studio Pride: Another great way to enhance your springtime studio facelift is to decorate your hallway with framed photos of your students throughout the years. From recital to competition performances, gather your best (and most professional and beloved) shots and create a gallery down the hallways and in the waiting area for people and students to admire! Also, it’s a great time to put out some of those trophies and awards for a while to display the hard work and success your students have achieved this season! Great way to keep the morale and studio spirit alive as you head into summer intensives and fall registration!

Enjoy this wonderful, rejuvenating time of the year and let your studio blossom along with your amazing students! Happy summer everyone!

See you in the dance studio!



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