Ballet Teachers, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day right? We become so consumed with teaching classes, meetings, rehearsals, returning phone calls, choreographing and family life that we forget our own daily exercise regime or how good it feels to just dance for ourselves. While we can’t always get into the studio for a little slice of movement heaven, here are some quick exercises you can do in between meetings, feeding the kids and teaching class, that require nothing more than a little bit of space, a chair and a Theraband! Simple, easy, effective and can be done in your home or office!
Learning Objective: Basic Ballet Barre in, on & around your desk & chair area.


    Port de bras (en bas to 2nd position to high 5th.)  Open the port de bras and dive forward with upper body to stretch over the legs.
  • Roll up through spine.
  • Spiral Twists:  Cross right leg over left. Twist spine slowly and stretch for one minute! Switch sides.
  • Lateral Stretches  (port de bras to the side):  Stretch right side over to left side. Switch sides.
  • Isolations: Head, shoulders and upper back isolations
  • Seated Développés: Take hold of instep of right foot; stretch the leg. Switch legs.
  • STANDING EXERCISES: (*take hold of the back of your chair and use as your barre!)

  • Tendus
  • Dégagés
  • Rond de Jambs a Terre
  • Stretches:

                ** Forward, then Cambre side and back. Grand Port de Bras.

  •             ** Lunges holding on to the chair

  •             ** Slow Push-Ups using back of chair

  •             ** Slow Tricep Dips

  • Add Therabands and incorporate into all seated stretches as well as for:
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep exercises
  • Isometric stretches
  • Foot and ankle rotations/pointing and flexing
  • If there is room on the floor next to chair, sit with legs straight out and then in 2nd position and repeat the stretch exercises by wrapping the Theraband around the ankle to stretch out legs and feet. Right side then left.
  • Use as resistance across chest in crunches and sit ups!