Teachers, with young or beginner ballet students the use of proper vocabulary is a must right from the start. So, why not reinforce the lessons with a fun “Do-Now” or “Take-Home” task?! Below are basic ballet vocabulary terms. Have students create a ballet movement sentence starting with plié and ending with plié. Then have them fill in the other actions with movement from the terms above or from the American Ballet Theatre Dictionary.

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Ballet Terms

Plié:  To bend

Tendu: To stretch

Temps lie: Connected movement

Port de bras: Carriage of the arms

Bras bas (en bas): Arms low or down

Rond de jambe: To circle the leg

Sauté: To jump

Jeté: A jump from one foot to the other

Échappé: To escape (from 1st to 2nd position and back to first)

Chassé: One foot chases the other foot out of position

***For more ballet terms, look at the American Ballet Theatre’s online ballet dictionary at:



PLIE               ______________________                            ____________________



__________________            _______________________              _______________________



(The end)