In our last interview with Angela D’Valda Sirico we discussed the proper protocol for putting dancers on pointe. We examined the readiness in terms of physicality and commitment and also spoke with Angela about the importance of making this decision for your dancers so that they are set up for a healthy and positive dance experience. So what happens now, when a dancer is ready for their first pointe class? What should you as their teacher be doing to maximize their success to ensure they have a complete understanding of protecting and taking care of those precious feet!  Here are Angela D’Valda Sirico’s five pointers to preventing unnecessary pain, injury and discomfort and her list of essential pointe shoe supplies!  

Make sure that toenails are kept short and are cut on a straight line and not a curved line. This will help to reduce bruising and also ingrown toenails.

Keep feet very clean and use powder to help reduce the chance of blisters.

  Keep feet moisturized, especially in cold weather as skin can crack and bleed if the skin is not kept supple. Massaging petroleum jelly or olive oil into the skin at night is recommended.

Keep an eye on callous buildup on the soles of the feet and also on the toes. Soaking feet in warm soapy water for at least ten minutes and then rubbing callouses gently with a callous remover should prevent major buildup.

If skin is easily torn, use adhesive tape prior to putting on pointe shoes to prevent tearing or blistering of the toes.  


Foot Powder

Adhesive Tape

New Skin Gel Pouches

  Lamb’s Wool

Antibiotic Ointment

  Petroleum Jelly

Blister Kits

Band Aids

See you in the dance studio…



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