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Meet Jessica Rizzo-Stafford

**_Well.....I thought it was about time to introduce myself to you in _****_THE SPACE, _****_since you see me and read my words here as Editor in Chief and Head Contributor on the DTW Blog week after week! So... now you can get to know me a little, see how I "tick" as a choreographer and teacher & discover what inspires me so I can help continue to inspire you! _** **_See you in the Studio,_** **_Jessie_**

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Teacher Conduct & Tactile Correction

When I was training, I had teachers who'd take hold of me and fix me, turn me out, poke me, stretch me, mold me, move me and use tactile correction in whichever way necessary to get their point across. They'd "teach" me by showing me how it felt on my body to have something done correctly. My generation loved that kind of correction, that attention. It was never questioned. You're a dancer, that's what dance teachers do. Sometimes you can say something to a student a million different ways and it won't register, but if you physically show them on their body, it clicks! And once it clicks, it's there forever. It may take quite a few times for it to become muscle-memory, but the notion to self-correct becomes greater and ingrained in one's own body over time.

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Be Specific!

It seems nowadays especially, so many things get generalized, glossed over, breezed by and given half-hearted attention to. We glimpse, we glance, we mark, we coast and this effect trickles down to others. What happened to attention to detail? What happened to specificity? Clarity? Intricacy? Painstaking accuracy? These values are slipping away faster than we realize and what was maybe just an oversight is now becoming trend. Read More


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