As we all know, modern dance is a genre which breaks with traditional ideas, can fuse idioms and at times does not synchronize with the classic ballet foundation we aim to instill within our students. In fact, until recently, modern dance was not a common inclusion within studio training curriculums until the undergraduate years of college dance. Then, students coming from solely traditional training backgrounds would often be overwhelmed and intimidated by this “new” way of moving, exploring space, improvising and creating movement.


 Many studios now incorporate modern to their own class schedules. Teachers and studio owners have recognized the importance of making modern dance accessible to younger students. But, how does one teach it? There is so much vernacular and so many styles as well as sophisticated musical rhythms and nuances that often accompany the genre because it is so vast. So where does one begin? Dance Teacher Web is the resource to help. With leading teachers and choreographers in the field, you will get tons of information through various lenses to help catapult your modern curriculum to the next level.


 Key elements we bring to you are:

  • Teaching the fundamentals of modern dance technique and its vernacular
  • Learning to teach the importance of musicality (i.e. increased rhythm awareness and working within alternative time signatures)
  • Understanding the concepts of “parallel,” “groundedness,” “level-use,” “planes,” “shape,” “triplets,” “seated 4th position,” “table-top, hinge,” “side-fall,” etc.
  • Exploration of space, weight shift, counter-balance, floor work, fall & recovery, effort quality and dynamics
  • Integrating pedestrian movement and improvisation
  • Teaching videos which demonstrate and breakdown modern choreography, from center warm-up and combinations to across the floor progressions
  • “How-To” videos on teaching specific elements within the genre
  • Articles on lesson plan development and professional development
  • Learning about Modern Dance History and it’s pioneers
  • Information about upcoming modern dance company performances
  • Music suggestions for choreographing competition numbers!
  • Building a floor & center warm-up
  • Learning to introduce new music styles and artists to your classes
  • Teaching across the floor progressions and traveling combinations
  • Use of breath & the initiation of movement from breath
  • Nurturing the Modern choreographer in your students
  • Development of a student’s own movement aesthetic 

Modern Dance is a wonderful and important genre with infinite possibilities in terms of structuring lesson plans and building curriculum. It should however not only give students a solid foundation to understand modern dance technique, but also inspire their freedom to move, their creative sensibilities and provide a strong knowledge base of the history. Dance Teacher Web is excited to bring you the information and tools necessary to inspire your teaching and your students learning!

Good Luck!

See you in the studio,