Teachers, Directors…..we all live in a fast paced studio world of needing and wanting to get things done. Because we are so busy, we often forget to stop and reflect on what we have accomplished, where we’re going, what we want out of our life, what our goals are and how we are going to attain them. Sometimes, something as simple as breathing and sitting still can unleash a plethora of ideas, hopes, wishes and dreams we have for ourselves and our business. 

This wonderful article by Jillian Sanders from MIND BODY GREEN shows how visualizing the things we want and who we want to be can catapult us into the next level of fulfillment. I was inspired myself and wanted to share it with you!

Think of the art of visualization as another one of the many tools you have in your arsenal to organize and prepare towards achieving your goals and making dreams for yourself and your students become a reality! What are your thoughts??


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