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Dance Studio Owners Understand, Chaos is Hard!


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I don’t think anyone wakes up with the morning stretch and says to themselves, “Boy, I hope I have some conflict today”! A byproduct of conflict is chaos. Dance Studio Owners have been dealing with chaos all during the pandemic. The good news is that conflict and chaos can also create newfound strength and resolve.

I know many dance studio owners who could have easily thrown in the towel during the past 2+ years but they have not. Dealing with the chaos of keeping classes going in person or remotely, finding new ways to put on recitals or other performances. Understanding how to safely and effectively run their businesses. Finding ways to pay the bills and their employees and how to stretch out their revenues to keep things moving in the right direction.

Ok, you know all of that already. And if you are reading this you are one of the strong, one of the determined and one of the empowered studio owners who has learned to work through chaos. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The thing with chaos is, when you are experiencing it, it is unpleasant and we just want it to end. But the longer it sticks around the more you learn to adapt and move forward. If this pandemic has taught us anything it is that we can not only exist but also thrive in chaos. I know some studio owners in California that had to do remote lessons for over a year! I spoke to one who told me that yes, it was hard but that she learned a lot about herself and improved the way she sells her dance lessons. She said that when they go back to in person that she is ready to rock it. Funny thing is, she said that she didn’t think she would have improved in this area without going through the pandemic.

I love this quote by the great Napoleon Hill “Through every adversity lies equal or greater opportunity.” Yes, chaos comes in all forms. Pandemics, unhappy parents, disruptive students, unreliable or unreceptive staff. It doesn’t end there. You may be dealing with an issue with your landlord, business partner or other business owners who are in your area or shopping center. But did you find something that you will continue to use in your business during this chaotic time? Did you find ways to streamline what you do or how to communicate more effectively with your customers?

Let’s face it. Chaos is all around us. The question isn’t is it hard? the question should be, is it good for us? And the answer appears to be yes, it is.

Now you may be thinking hold on there Steve, I am done with chaos I want to hit the easy button now. And I can totally understand that and agree with you 100%. But one thing is for sure now, I believe we can get through any business issue that we may face. I am a natural optimist at heart but this time has certainly pushed that part of me. There were times I was mad, wanted to break something and wanted to scream. But what I never wanted to do was throw in the towel.

This whole thing has got me thinking about what I have gained over the last 2 years and not just what has been lost. We have gained greater insight into who our customers are. Who are the ones that totally have our backs and who will stand by us through thick or thin. And it didn’t just end with our customers, the same also holds true for our team.

Have you noticed that chaos brings out the best and the worst in people? We have seen it all during this time and have learned more about how people react. This would not have happened unless faced with a chaotic time. So, I recommend you take a moment and write down some of the things you have learned over the past months and see how they can help you to improve everything you do. We have and I can tell you that it has been eye opening, to say the least!

Yes, chaos is hard but as the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger”. So, bring on the chaos and remember you have been through the chaos storm, you came out the other end and will continue to move forward and thrive!

Here’s to your success!




Steve Sirico

Steve Sirico

Steve is co-founder of Dance Teacher Web the number one online resource for dance teachers and studio owners worldwide.He is Co-Director of the very successful D'Valda and Sirico Dance and Music Center in Fairfield, CT for the past thirty plus years. His students have gone on to very successful careers in dance, music and theater. Originally from Norwalk, Ct, Steve excelled in track and football. He attended the University of Tennessee at Martin on a sports scholarship. Deciding to switch and make his career in the world of dance, he studied initially with Mikki Williams and then in New York with Charles Kelley and Frank Hatchett. He has appeared in a number of theatre productions such as Damn Yankees, Guys and Dolls and Mame in New York and around the country and in industrials and television shows. He was contracted to appear as the lead dancer in the Valerie Peters Special a television show filmed in Tampa, Florida. After meeting Angela DValda during the filming they formed the Adagio act of DValda & Sirico appearing in theatres, clubs and on television shows such as David Letterman, Star Search and the Jerry Lewis Telethon. In 1982 they were contracted to Europe and appeared in a variety of shows in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Italy before going to London, England where they appeared as Guest Artists for Wayne Sleep (formerly of the Royal Ballet) in his show Dash at the Dominium Theatre. Author of his Jazz Dance syllabus and co-author of a Partner syllabus both of which are used for teacher training by Dance Educators of America, He has also co-authored two books one for dance teachers and one for studio owners in the "It's Your Turn" Book series. He is available for master classes, private business consulting and teacher training development

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