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Using a Studio Blog to Communicate


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Improve Staff and Customer Communication

If there was ever a time that clear communication to your clients was important, it is now! As you wrap up quarter number 1 and navigate through the ongoing pandemic, it is more critical than ever that your studio is able to communicate to your dance families and prospects with confidence. Whether your students are learning online or in the classroom (or both) this season has been one filled with new protocols and operations that require your consistent, assured communications.

One way you can expand these communications is with a studio blog. It’s a little like having an open journal for your business; a way to inform, advise, and educate. If you don’t already have a blog page on your website, check your web design package or ask your web designer to add a simple “WYSIWYG” blog page (that stands for “What You See Is What You Get,” meaning the page will include familiar editing tools, like those offered in Microsoft Word). Through a popular platform like Wordpress, you can easily add blog posts to your website, then schedule them to publish on your preferred day and time.

You’ll want to get into the habit of updating your blog at least a couple times each month and more often if you’d like to further increase website traffic. Take your posts to the next level by adding companion video snippets or photos that match your topic, appealing to the visual nature of your readers. Link to your blog posts on social media and in your studio emails to gain even more traction.

Blog post topics can be about anything studio-related: Educational material for parents, information about your policies, musings about your perspective as a studio owner. Your blog is a way to bring your studio’s “personality” to life! Especially now, when your in-person communications may be limited, a blog can be another way to ensure your studio’s voice is heard.

Enjoy this free blog post template called Healthy Classrooms, Happy Kids that you can customize for your own blog. You can even use it for newsletters, emails, or other marketing materials! Use it in its entirety or pick and choose what paragraphs work well for your studio’s voice. Looking for more content to “plug and play” into your studio’s blog?

Download: Healthy Classrooms, Happy Kids Template

Looking for more content to “plug and play” into your studio’s blog? Click here to access Moonlight Writing’s online store.


Julie Holt

Julie Holt

Julie Holt Lucia is a studio owner, dance educator, writer, and editor. She knows the inner workings of dance studios from personal experience, having directed her studio for 15 years and counting. In 2009, Julie began “moonlighting” as a freelance writer for Dance Studio Life magazine and later, took on multiple projects for More Than Just Great Dancing!®. In addition to running Studio Dance Centre and Moonlight Writing, Julie is the Managing Editor of INSight Magazine™. Moonlight’s mission is simple: to offer studio owners an easy way to “plug and play” pre-written content for their business so they can focus on the work they actually enjoy. Moonlight’s templates, written as blog posts, can easily work double-duty for studio newsletters, emails, websites, brochures, and other marketing materials. Contact Julie for more informatio

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