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Goals - What Happens When It Doesn't Happen?


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Not everything will happen exactly the way you want it to
When you want a goal to be realized and it doesn't end up coming to you in the exact way you've hoped for, don't lose faith. We don't always get what we want but we do get what we need. When it comes to creating a goal, all you can do is set it up with your feeling and intent and then let go and let the finished product come to you in the way nature has intended. Trying to control the end result of the goal realization process is like trying to control the weather. All you can do is put in your request, knowing that your wish has been heard and then step out of the way and see what comes back to you. Meddling in the process all but blocks your goal from reaching you.

If you're not happy with the results...try again
If the end result of your goal just doesn't work for you, try asking for it again. Always remember that there are never any failures, just opportunities to give it another go. This time figure out a better way to realize your goal. Put more feeling and less thinking into how you want the end result to look and feel.

If you've tried and tried and nothing seems to be happening, try this...
If you've gone round in circles trying to make something materialize in terms of a goal and nothing ever happens, consider the possibility that it just wasn't meant to be. Without getting too analytical, you just might get to the conclusion that there is a good reason why you never got to the finish line concerning your goal. Could it be that something better has made itself known to you? Maybe there's a different direction or a better goal that replaces the original one you asked for? Only you can know for sure. Don't rush the process. Sit down and spend some time with yourself to see what might work better this time.

The process of asking for and realizing goals has never been easy. Faith, trust, introspection and honesty are an integral part of the process. Don't judge yourself. If something doesn't work, keep moving forward. Always know that there is an answer to every question you ask. There is a result for everything that you want to materialize in your life's path on a professional and personal basis. The answers that we all too often get aren't always the ones we were expecting.

A painter can have a perfect visual idea of what he or she wants their canvas to look like once it's complete but the actual finished product might end up looking quite a bit different than what they originally had envisioned. Whatever happens is exactly what was meant to be. And so it is with life. It all boils down to this; If you truly believe that you always get what you ask for in some way, shape or form, then this will always be the case. When nothing comes back, understand that this too might be a message worth heeding. But that doesn't mean that you can't pick up your paint brush and create a different canvas.

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Robert Landau

Robert Landau

Motivational Speaker Robert Landau, has delivered over 3,200 Keynote Presentations in over 20 countries in his 15 year speaking career. Robert is also a results-oriented Certified Life Coach that works with individuals and businesses to help facilitate positive and lasting change. An accomplished Actor in New York City, then a celebrated international Cruise Director for 10 years with 300 ports of call on 400 cruises with major cruise lines, Robert also makes many appearances on radio and television broadcasts such as the world-wide HLN/CNN Cable News Networks. Robert is also the published author of three books. CONNECT Website - Email - Facebook Page -

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