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Questions That Will Make Prospects and Customers Read On!


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Success with Marketing and Sales

In marketing, the best way to get your customer engaged in your ad is to ask a question. Once you ask a question that connects with the reader then the reader wants to read more. You are getting them to think. That is good news for you and gives you a chance to start a dialogue with them.

Below is a list of attention grabbers that we have used and have been effective in ads, direct mailing pieces and on flyers. See if any of these questions work for you or how you can tweak one to suit your business best. Keep in mind that you will want to follow up the questions with the reason of why doing business with you is a plus. You will be able to provide a positive answer to the questions.

Using the word which:

Which of these activities is of interest to your child?

Which of these dance styles do you like the best?

Which of these issues affect your child most?

Which afterschool activity would your child enjoy best?

Engaging questions:

Is your child looking for something fun to do?

Are you tired of afterschool activates not fitting into your schedule?

Looking to help your child improve their life skills?

Do happy kids equate happy parents?

So there you have it. These questions should not only get the customer thinking but will get you thinking as well. Remember that people are not just buying dance lessons they are buying memories and life lessons that will last a lifetime!

Now you can decide where to send the message out to. Here is one idea. Keep selling to your current customers. That's right! Schedules change and students who only had time to take one class in September are now perhaps free another day. Let your customers know that it is not too late to try another class and to join in. Keep in mind that marketing to this group will be very cost effective and an easy up sell.

The Absolute Hottest (And Most Neglected) List Of All

There's one more list that almost everyone forgets. It's literally a gold-mine lying at your feet. And that's your own list!

If you have not put all your customer's names and addresses into a database you're overlooking an incredible source of added business. This list will be the most powerful list and responsive list you can use for any offers because these people already trust you and like doing business with you. This is critically important. Most studios will not be doing any marketing this time of the year so you will have little or no competition at this time. Using your house list is like having an unfair advantage over every one of your competitors.

Think about this fact: According to a Fortune Magazine survey it is 5 xs as costly to acquire a new customer as it is to sell something to an existing customer. Even though it may be more exciting to focus on new business, it's important to squeeze every bit of profit out of your own customer list. Also don't forget to contact those who may have inquired but didn't buy yet. Don't assume that you have lost them. Keep working your list!


Steve Sirico & Angela D'Valda Sirico

Steve Sirico & Angela D'Valda Sirico

Angela D'Valda Sirico and Steve Sirico are the directors and owners the D'Valda and Sirico Dance and Music Centre in Fairfield CT for over 30 years. They also have been teaching, choreographing and producing shows. In 2007 they founded Dance Teacher Web now the #1 online resource for dance teachers and studio owners worldwide. They also produce the live event every summer for Dance Teacher Web. In 1979 they formed the Adagio team of D’Valda & Sirico after performing in shows and on television worldwide as individual dancers. Their performing credits include "Scala" Barcelona, Spain, Casino Estoril, Portugal, Theatre Royal, Oxford, England, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Hotel Tequendama, Bogota, Columbia, Teatro Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and as Guest Artists for Wayne Sleep's smash hit "Dash", Dominium Theatre, London. They were featured artists in Royal Command performances in Spain and had the privilege of performing for Princess Diana of Wales. D'Valda & Sirico's many television credits include "David Letterman", "Star Search", and "Tarde Para Todos" as well as variety shows in the U.S.A, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Italy and Argentina. Their combination of explosive choreography and exciting partner work has been given rave reviews both nationally and internationally. Their choreography for the acclaimed "Brother Can You Spare a Dime" was commissioned by Boston Ballet II and performed by the company. Angela and Steve have owned and directed a very successful dance studio in Fairfield, Connecticut since 1987. Their students have received scholarships and contracts to American Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Nashville Ballet, Ballet Hispanico, Hartford Ballet as well as the National tours of "Fosse", "Fame" and "We Will Rock You" and on Broadway in "Chorus Line". Angela and Steve have been on the faculty of Dance Educators of America’s Teacher Training program. Steve is the author of his Jazz Dance syllabus and together they authored their Partner syllabus both used for Teacher Training worldwide. Angela served as Chairperson for the tri state panel of the Royal Academy of Dancing and they have taught as guest faculty for Mt. Holyoke College, Michigan State University, The University of Arkansas, Yale University and Fairfield University. They teach Master Classes in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical Jazz and Partner work all over the world including residencies in England, Spain, Costa Rica and Mexico. They have been the top presenting faculty for Dance Teacher Magazine's Summer Teacher’s Conference in NYC.

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