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How to Make Your Wishes Come True!


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A Studio Owner recently asked me if they could get my help with the issue of making a New Year's resolution. I answered in the affirmative, but with a couple of stipulations! I told her that making a list of things you want to change when it comes to your studio is a truly wonderful process, but thinking you want something to change, and actually taking the steps necessary to see that change through can be two totally different things. It all comes down to the reason why so many of us don't see our wishes, hopes and dreams come true and it has everything to do with the difference between saying you'll do something, and actually doing what it is you said you would do. Ask yourself this question; over the last month or so, how often did you say you'll do something? Now ask yourself how many of the things you promised yourself you would do actually saw the light of day? People I've asked this question to respond by saying five out of ten, more say two to four, but most say one to two. "So why do you think this is?' I'll say to them. The most common answer has to do with the fact that after putting the wish, the resolution out there, nothing else was done to see it through. What good is making a resolution if it isn't seen through to completion? Any resolution has two parts to it, the saying of it and the doing, the seeing through of it. My mother always used to say "Don't say you'll do something unless you are actually prepared to see it through!" How right she was.

So when you make a resolution or two, keep the following in mind; first is the fact that resolutions, which if you really think about it are also known as 'goals', can be made any time during the year. Whether you do this on New Year's or not, vow to see your resolution through. If you've promised your staff that they'll see some great new changes at the studio within the first half of the year, make sure the promise of what you've told them actually comes to pass. Don't know how to make positive changes a reality? Make a list of up to five items you want to see change at your studio. What steps will you take to see them through? Most important, how will the changes you've wanted to make feel and look once you've achieved your goals? Seeing the 'future' as if it's already here is a huge tool that you should always use to bring things to you. How will it feel right here, right now, once you've gotten there? The trick is to see your dream, your goal, your resolution realized each day before you go to sleep and each morning just before you get out of bed and go to the studio. That can be the hardest part because you are asking your mind to consider something that is not yet in the present. Just do it anyway! Put it out there; feel good about your resolve and you just might be overjoyed to see what you'll get in return.

New Year's is all about saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new. This should be an ongoing process as each and every year unfolds in the life of your studio. There are people out there that can help you get there and hold you to your goals, but you are the one who can and will claim the victory of a job well done. As in all things when it comes to your professional and personal life, it's all up to you!

Robert Landau has delivered over 2,100 presentations and workshops in over 20 countries in his 15 year speaking career. Besides having a full line of best-selling self-help products on his website,, Robert is a Positive Results Expert and a Certified Life Coach that works with individuals and businesses to help facilitate lasting positive and productive results.


Robert Landau

Robert Landau

Motivational Speaker Robert Landau, has delivered over 3,200 Keynote Presentations in over 20 countries in his 15 year speaking career. Robert is also a results-oriented Certified Life Coach that works with individuals and businesses to help facilitate positive and lasting change. An accomplished Actor in New York City, then a celebrated international Cruise Director for 10 years with 300 ports of call on 400 cruises with major cruise lines, Robert also makes many appearances on radio and television broadcasts such as the world-wide HLN/CNN Cable News Networks. Robert is also the published author of three books. CONNECT Website - Email - Facebook Page -

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