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Handling, storing and installing a flooring system properly is vital to its well being, life expectancy, maintenance costs and your dancers.First some dos and don’ts.

1.   Read all installation related literature before doing anything.


2.   When ordering a floor that has to be shipped, confirm that it is insured in your name.


3.    Upon arrival, inspect your floor for any shipping damages.  Take pictures and report any shipping damage to the trucking company, either to the driver if he is still there or trucker’s office.  Also, notify the supplier.  Do not move the floor until you have instructions regarding inspection and claims.  Floors damaged in shipping should be replaced at no cost to you.


4.   Once you get your flooring, remove all shipping materials immediately and store it vertically until installation.  Never store floors lying down or on top of one another.


5.  Make sure floors acclimate to room temperature (usually 24 hours).


6.  Check floor length prior to cutting or trimming.


7.  Understand the method of installation:

a. Temporary with top tape

b. Semi-permanent with top tape and double faced tape

c.  Long term semi-permanent with Reuseit (a Stagestep exclusive)

d.  Permanent with adhesive


8.  Never crease, fold or flip a floor.  Never roll up a floor unless you roll it around at least a 4' tube.


9.  Never pull or stretch a floor to lie flat.


10. Prior to installation, roll out the floor loose lay and let it sit overnight.


11. Never install a floor that is not lying flush to the subfloor.


12. Install the floor when room is at its warmest.


13.  If using top tape and double faced tape, leave a 1/16' gap at the seams to allow for expansion.  Allow a ½' gap at the walls.


14.  Tape has a shelf life.  Always change top tape every four months.  Change double faced tape every two years.


15.  Always clean the adhesive residue prior to re-applying tape, using a special cleaning agent.  Water and detergent will not do.


16.  Sometimes seams will not match up properly due to an uneven subfloor.  It may be necessary to double cut or scribe the seams, creating a 'new seam' which will be tight.  Before embarking on this task make sure you know what you are doing.


17.  When transporting a floor, make sure it is protected from damage by impact (use bubble wrap) and dirt (shrink wrap).  There are floor bags available that protect the floor and have handles for easy transport.


18.  Identify the wear (top) surface before installing floor.  Most floors ship wear surface out so when you roll them out they are upside down.  Do not flip floor.  Re-roll to prepare floor for install.


19.  Remember that even the lightest floor is heavy.  Handle with care.  Do not drop or walk on a rolled up floor.


20.  Installing a floor is a sign of acceptance even if there are visible flaws.  Make sure flooring is in good shape before you trim, cut, tape or glue it.


21.  Flood cleaning your floor can destroy tape, adhesive and your sub floor and is not covered by warranty.  Use rung wet mop when cleaning. 


22.  When in doubt call and ask questions.  There are no stupid questions when a successful install hangs in the balance.


Randy Swartz, President


800-523-0960, ext. 105


Randy Swartz

Randy Swartz

Randy Swartz is regarded as an expert and mentor in his field, having presented hundreds of dance companies and solo artists in more than 1,000 performances; served on a variety of boards, arts advisory panels and academic staffs; and traveled throughout the world to work with renowned dancers, choreographers and dance companies. For more than 40 years, Stagestep - The Dance Floor System Experts - has brought innovative dance, theater and performing arts flooring solutions, including a full line of flooring surfaces, subfloors, installation and maintenance products to stages, studios and homes around the world.

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