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Dance Studio Owners

The biggest key to a great environment at your studio is you, your staff and faculty. If you create and promote a certain energy, your customers will follow!

The trick is, how can you manage this all important element of your business?

You may have heard this from teachers who teach at several studios "I hate teaching at that studio!" You hear this often from people who are not satisfied with the job they hold. But they can't quit this thing called "job" away from them because it brings food to the table, buys them clothes and shoes to keep them in fashion, buys medicine to keep them healthy, and pays for almost everything they need on a day-to-day basis. Technically, it's ironic that something like a "job" would be hated by so many people when it can bring them many benefits.

Psychologically, if they hate their jobs, it only means it's something they do against their will. Anything that resists a flow makes the flows difficult. Similarly, anything that assists a flow makes the flow move faster.

The key is we never want to get our employees into this "hate" mode, if you put "love" instead of "hate" to their job, work becomes easier for you as their employer. This will make them more productive. The company will profit more. Then, everybody becomes happy.

So employers, it is your responsibility to get it right! You can also add many positive changes that will benefit your employees. In the end, you will be the biggest beneficiary of this change.

You can start by putting up slogans around the walls of the workplace. These slogans may promote unity and harmony between owner and staff where everyone will benefit from it. These slogans may suggest positive attitudes that will form part of their work habits. There is power in words. These words, once written as slogans, will guide your staff to change in positive ways. It would be wise to turn these words into action. In time, the "I hate this job" chant becomes "I love this job". This improvement in work attitude will be reflected in turnover of employees. As an employer, you will find less people leaving your studio and more employees being satisfied.

Visitors visiting your studio will be impressed with the slogans you place on the walls of your work place. So make them as meaningful as possible.

Employees must be willing to make a change in the way they think about their jobs. It cannot be denied that hating or loving a job has a lot to do with the way they treat it. But if you have someone that is not happy, find a way to fix it or find a new employee.

There are many instances where an employee does not see the good side of his job until he has left or lost it.

Here's another formula to help your team love your jobs. Sit down with all your staff and faculty and find out what they want! Once you see things through their eyes you will be amazed at what you find out. Listen carefully and take notes. What they are looking for may surprise you. There is no getting around it, communication is the key. Also, if they tell you something you don't like I recommend that you do not get defensive. Once you have the information provided by them you can digest it and see what has merit and what is not in line with your vision. Regular meetings with staff and faculty will help you to have a better handle on what direction they are taking and if there is a problem it will be much easier to nip it in the bud. Everyone likes to feel that they not only have a voice but that they are also being heard.

Find fun ways to keep your employees happy, it does not always have to be something big it could just be bringing in their favorite cookies or sitting down and finding out from them what good things are going on in their life. Again, it is often just by showing interest that we are able to win people over. Also let them know frequently that you have their backs and that you are there for them. Let's face it we all like to feel that security!

It doesn't have to involve huge amounts of time to keep your employees happy and it is worth the investment to keep those people who are really helping to move your business forward in a good place.

If an employee is not happy and you are not able to change their mind they have the potential to make your life a misery so I recommend letting them move on to another job where perhaps they will be happier and you will be free to hire someone who is a better fit for you and your company.




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