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  • "I will spread the word on Dance Teacher Web to all of my dance teacher friends. The website is fantastic and full of useful tools and information. Thank you again!!"

    Laura Picone - Dance Center
    Shelton CT
  • "Dance Teacher Web is a great tool to improve technique as well as gaining new ideas for choreographing. I'm from Costa Rica and sometimes it's difficult to access the right information about conventions, new releases in music and the latest updates in the dance world, Dance Teachers Web makes this a lot easier through the articles, videos and chats they offer. I thank this web page for helping me get closer to new alternatives for my students hoping to become a better teacher."

    Natalia Marquez - DanzStudio
    San Jose, Costa Rica
  • "Dance Teacher Web has opened my mind to revamping and creating excitement at my dance studio. As promised by Dance Teacher Web provides encouragement, advice & ideas that have flowed through the newsletters, videos and articles that I thoroughly enjoy receiving, reading & then putting into action. It is wonderful to be a part of this "dance family" from all over the world. Thank you, from Karen from the Land Down Under."

    Karen Lees - Kazzajazz Wollongong
  • "Dance Teacher Web has helped me not only as a teachers but my business has doubled in size over the past year with your wonderful business advice and tools. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and my business!"

    Karla Garcia - Director Dance Workshop
  • "Dance Teacher Web is the most useful websites I have encountered. I love the choreography sections. When I am looking for a little combo to bring in to the students but do not have the creative juices flowing that day, I go to the website and it's like B-12 shot of creativity. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the fantastic and innovative work. Thanks a million!"

    Joelle Iuliano - Rising Stars School Of Dance
    New Jersey
  • "I have looked for a wonderful resource like this for years - one that has current dance choreography that you can view instantly and quality support and ideas for dance teachers. Bravo to DTW for creating this fabulous web site!"

    Emily Cook -
    Cambridge, England
  • "As a dance educator and studio owner I love this website. It is chock full of so much information. It would take me many hours and large sums of money to find and put together all this information you have at our finger tips. Your articles from marketing to teaching to dealing with a behavior problems in class are so helpful. The choreography section is fabulous, easy and fast to download. It is like having your own private dance class at a click of the mouse. It easy to navigate through all the different areas of the website. Thank you and kudos to you for a front runner on such a useful and great website for dance educator and studio owner."

    Isabelle Cook - Isabelle's Dance Time
    Veradale, Washington
  • "I've been in business as a dance educator for 35 years and subscribing to has been the best investment I've ever made. What a wonderful motivating tool for up and coming dance teachers and for those long time teachers like me who can always use new and exciting material. Kudos to Steve and Angela!!!"

    Nancy Carole - Nancy Carole School Of Dance
    Lyndhurst, New Jersey
  • "I just love Dance Teacher Web and all the information you are sharing. After 15 years running my own studio and 15 years before teaching for others it is refreshing to be amongst friends and colleagues. Thank you!"

    Michelle Moore - Executive/Artistic Director DancExplosion
    Pittsburgh PA
  • "My VIP membership is worth every penny! From one-on-one coaching to the classy VIP events at the conference in Las Vegas, I am refreshed and rejuvenated again and again! Dance Teacher Web is an amazing resource for dance teachers, studio owners and faculty! From the choreography to the business ideas, it is unmatched! It is beyond all my expectations!"

    Katie Owings - Inspiration Performing Arts Center
    Minnesota, USA
  • "Thank you for the inspiration as we are eager to get back in the studio. We have already implemented some of the great ideas you have given us, and are aiming to make more improvements all the time. We love your all of the ideas you present and will be coming to the conference this summer as well!"

    Yvonne Gray - Yvonne Gray Dance Studio
    Fife, Scotland
  • "Dance Teacher Web is absolutely great! Thank you Steve and Angela and I hope this will go for ever!"

    Stanley Perryman - Dance Teacher K-12
    Seattle Washington
  • "Dance Teacher Web is an excellent resource for dance studio owners and teachers looking to reinvigorate and restore life to their business. Steve and Angela have created a unique approach to consulting the dance professional and provide fresh, creative and individualized ideas for their clients. Dance Teacher Web’s VIP program is the one resource studio owners just shouldn't be without."

    Amy Lowe - Performing Arts Center Of Tallahassee
    Tallahassee Florida


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