Are you tired of looking at mounds of paper cluttering up your desk?

Does your studio look like a clothing dump?

Would you like to be more organized?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then this article is for you. Discover the tools to help both you and your studio be clutter free. Clear up those areas that just always seem to be a mess and transform your studio into a more efficient and tranquil work space.

Manage your mind clutter and learn to live a calmer and more balanced life!

1) Identify the areas of most severe clutter

2) Identify the areas of less urgent clutter

3) Sit down and make a plan room by room and area by area

4) Make definite dates to attack the problem areas

5) Make a list of all receptacles that need to be purchased

6) Enlist help!

7) Write down exactly how you envision it to look once fixed

8) Spend some time on the aesthetic aspects


Day by day our minds are subjected to clutter. We hear it from the daily news, we hear it from all the negative people around us, we are constantly bombarded with a mass of "stuff" that clouds our judgement and prohibits us from thinking clearly. Find ways to remove the clutter. Have a place to go where you can relax and think clearly. It is so important to find the time and the place where you can recoup your energy and recharge the batteries. Wherever you decide is "The "place" make it a ritual to go there whenever possible. You owe it to yourself, your significant other and your staff, teachers, students and their parents.

Make a plan to clear all of the clutter surrounding you before the new season starts.